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Name's Lauri. 23. Male. Slytherin.
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I will find the gay in everything.
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Fandoms: Marvel (Avengers, X-Men), Tolkien, Star Trek, HP, GoT, RPS, Assassins Creed, Achievement Hunter, The Yogscast, Friday Night Lights.
Hugh Jackman. Taylor Kitsch.

I screech about mutants a lot.

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I love you! <3 This.

love you too cherie! I just. ugh. people.

fuck I’m tired

today has been so draining I swear

I always seem to go on a rant about this whenever it comes up on my dash but like

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Non-asexuals hijacking a post about asexuality to say that sex is important in relationships.

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

If you don’t get why it’s wrong, well, it’s wrong because they’re trying to make us feel like poor partners to have, and they’re taking something that is not about them and making it about them.

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All-New X-Factor #12


ugh god yes this AU. see in my Hunger Games AU Remy was the Career and Jean-Luc was a previous winner too but oh god Remy and Pietro in one of the lower districts yes ;_;

ugh yes that sounds damn awesome with Remy and Jean-Luc, I can definitely see it working that way XD 

I just chose lower districts because of Pietro really, I think its more true to him to have him as a lower districts kid (Unless you go House of Magnus way and then he’s a Captiol ‘darling’~). Also I can totally imagine Remy and Pietro sourcing food in less than legal ways so their little community has enough to go round, and watching each other’s backs to avoid punishment. And when they do get punishment, the other stands in view of the one being punished, not saying anything, but there as a solid presence to say get back up idiot we’re not done. 

ohh yes

see I have two AUs really - one where it’s their first time in the arena, and one where - like in Catching Fire - the tributes are picked from previous winners and Remy’s definitely a celebrity because of his ruthless cold nature and how quickly he took out the other tributes

but ugh yes Remy and Pietro collecting food and supplies through illegal means and looking after their people and oh god Remy would immediately volunteer when Pietro’s name is called because no Pietro has too much at home Remy knows his papa and his little brother will be fine

and then forming the alliance with Logan and the pair being basically unstoppable because it’s an instant bond and Logan isn’t like a typical career and just

all the AUs

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synchronized catting

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My favorite part of any episode of this show is to watch how Giles is 600% done with everybody.

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I am so fucking tired like

I couldn’t sleep so I ended up watching Hannah and Kim playing Outlast which was hilarious in places because of all the shrieking

and then when I finally did manage to sleep I woke up on the verge of a panic attack 

then I had to build furniture and shit and now I’m just like